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Final Stage of Moving the EXPO Pavilion to Vizovice

Published:: 2018-07-26 10:56:57

The initial idea of putting the EXPO pavilion into operation as an administrative building in KOMA MODULAR has been lengthy. The time lag was partly due to legislative hold-ups in processing the building permits, especially the new entrance to the company’s premises, and partly because we opted for quality result over imposing a deadline. We adapted the pavilion for our own use, mostly with our own efforts and with the help of Civil Engineering Zlín, a.s. –  in the end, the reconstruction was more complicated than we had imagined. After all, the pavilion was originally designed as a gallery during the Italian summer months, during which it was more necessary to focus on cooling – now it has to withstand our cruel Wallachian winters and meet all of the local standards for permanent construction. However, the date for the Grand Opening of the pavilion as an office building with a story for KOMA MODULAR is now definite. On 29 September 2018, as part of Architecture Days, you can see the pavilion redesigned as an administration building for the management of the KOMA company on a guided tour by the architects from the CHYBÍK+KRISTOF AA Studio and the authors of the interior transformation designed by the OLGOJ CHORCHOJ Studio. A part of the pavilion, specifically the modules that served as the background of the Czech restaurant in Italy, was given to the Good Pastor Association in Slovakia, where it serves as accommodations for the homeless and helps them on their way back in life. 

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