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The first Vizovice modules for the Czech Pavilion at EXPO 2015

Published:: 2014-10-10 13:08:35

Construction of the Czech Pavilion for EXPO 2015 in Milan is already in full swing. Despite technical problems in the host country, in the first half of July KOMA managed to deliver the first batch of modules for the construction of the Czech Pavilion at the Milan EXPO. The pavilion is attracting public attention not only with its exhibitions but also with the system used for its construction – the KOMA modular system from Vizovice. 

A description of how the unique KOMA modular system works in such a complex project as the Czech EXPO 2015 pavilion can be found, for example, on the Czech Radio website, where KOMA´s logistics manager Mr. Ladislav Slámečka describes the construction system. "KOMA will transport flat metal parts to the place of construction, where they will be assembled into three-dimensional structures. These structures will subsequently be used to build the pavilion. I think that the recyclability dimension is very interesting. There are no lost investment costs, because at the end of the Expo we will dismantle the pavilion and take it back to the Czech Republic, where we would like to build it again." KOMA is a proud builder of the Czech Republic´s image at the world exhibition.

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